I have used mine for hiking, skiing, and while riding on a motorcycle in the winter. They are very warm, easy to take on and off, and allow easy access to the pockets and fly. THESE ARE MY FAVORITE SNOWPANTS!!! The “Easy On, Easy Off” claim is accurate.

– Nathan Johnson / North Dakota, USA

They’re easy to put on over a pair of regular pants, utterly weatherproof, and pleasantly warm on a cold winter day. They’re perfect for a walking commuter who has to travel a few miles on foot through winter’s worst weather.

– David Gawn / Minnesota, USA

I was the first one to wear Pants On Pants in my school. I love them! I give them A+! They are very easy to put on and take off. I am always the first one to head out! I have a blue color one with yellow zippers and look great. All my friends were amazed. Now more kids in my school are catching up.

– David Dillon / Alberta, Canada

I’m very impressed by the design and construction of these overpants. I use mine for cycling in the rain and in subfreezing weather. All the while the zippers are designed to keep water out. There is an extra inner cuff to fit around the bottom of the trouser legs to keep them from getting wet, as happened a lot with my other overpants. I expect they will last a long time..

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– Thomas A Bartlett / Wisconsin, USA

I am a grade 1-3 primary school teacher. During recess I needed to go out quickly after helping out the last kid. It was a struggle with old snow pants. I got a pair of Pants on Pants and now could get out quickly. Some kids also turned to drag their snow pants on wet floors after recess like mops. With Pants on Pants they can take them off neatly and keep them dry. I recommended these pants to many parents.

– Beckie Capucchi / Minnesota, USA