My name is Jeffrey.

I am a Stanford engineering Ph.D and a private pilot.  Several years ago I was offered a very rare opportunity in Duluth, Minnesota: design a new airplane from a clean sheet of paper. 

Winter here is very cold with a lot of snow. Often it is -20°F (-29°C) with 20 mile/h (32 km/h) gust. Such a combination has a wind chill temperature of -48°F (-45°C), a life threatening condition. One very cold day I asked my colleague “When I go out, I have a jacket for my upper body to stay warm, but how about keeping my legs warm too?” His reply? “Walk fast.” I thought to myself, there got to be a better way.

I started sketching. I then made a prototype using wool fabric. I wore the prototype snow pants everyday during my second winter in Duluth. I was warm and my winter weight gain reduced from 10 lbs the first winter to 3 lbs the second winter. Then people asked me where to buy the unique snow pants.

With an engineering focus on performance and details, and an aeronautical obsession with product quality, PANTS ON PANTS now make premium snow pants loved by global winter outdoor enthusiasts.

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