Pants on Pants Kids

Recess  Just  Got  Happier

First to get out.   Easily.
Have Fun.  Warm and Dry.
Waterproof.  Windproof.
Play Hard.  Built Tough.

Traditional Snow Pants Cause Wet Socks

Kids struggle with traditional snow pants during brief recess. After a recess the boots bring back some snow that melts and wets the floor. Kids have to take off shoes first to take off traditional snow pants, and the socks become wet and cannot be dried till home.

Pants on Pants completely eliminate this wet sock misery.

Shell: Waterproof, Windproof, Breathable

Shell fabric provides comfort in frigid and wet weather. It is also strong, soft and light, the right performance for all winter adventures.

Warmthology Insulation

Advanced synthetic fiber traps body heat, while allowing moisture to escape. The 100g insulation offers high degree of warmth yet lightweight and thin, keeping kids toasty outdoor.

Premium Zippers

Zippers are crucial to the functions of Pants on Pants. They undergo rigorous tests to meet stringent specifications for strength and longevity, provide smooth operations under all harsh conditions.


Adjustable Waistband

The waistband combines elastic band and hook and loop fasteners adjustments. This ensures a wide adjustment range and comfort.

Powder Skirt

The built-in boot gaiters keep warmth in, and snow, rain and wind out.

Safety in Dark

Winter is dark. Safety of kids is of paramount importance. The pants have two reflective logos, one in the front and the other at the back.

Unique.   Like  Every  Child.

Smart.  Lively.  Colorful.

Comfortable. Breathable.

Built Tough. Durable.  Reinforced.


Pants on Pants Adults

So  Easy.    So  Elegant.

Put on and take off with boots or shoes on.

For all winter outdoor activities.

Stay warm in extreme weather conditions.

Access Pockets of Inner Pants

Side openings provide direct accesses

Reach a wallet and keys anytime

Serve as body heat vents when needed

The Warmth.  The Style.  The Freedom.

Waterproof and breathable fabrics.

imprumut rapid pe loc

Extra 200g seat insulation.

Warm, soft and light.

Modern Style.